M1A1 Abrams Tank Standard Print

  • $1.99

Only 2 left!

The original graphite piece of this M1A1 Abrams tank was approximately 10.5"x7".

This is a GREAT gift for the tanker in your life, be it for receiving his MOS, promotion, retirement, or even just Christmas or a Birthday! If you're interested in getting "his" tank, check out the listings for Customized Tank Prints or Customized Tank Mugs! (This tank has no markings on it)

A set of note cards would be wonderful for the Tanker Hostess at her next event, or as a small token at a change of command. Is your unit having an event and needs a raffle item? Raffle off a set of note cards or a mug or two, or use them as door prizes! Perhaps even, you'd like to have a table gift at a formal event - contact Betsy to get wholesale pricing!

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