Q: Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO?
A: Absolutely!!

Q: How do I start a commission with you?
A: Use the "Commission Request" link in the header to fill out a commission questionnaire. I will contact you with more details after that. 

Q: How much are your commissions?
A: You will receive a firm quote before I start on your piece. My prices are subject to change, and additional fees may apply to your specific piece. For reference, a 5x7 starts at $60, 8x10's start at $110, and 11x14's start at $200 (all prices include shipping, and are for all mediums)

Q: Your commission prices are too steep for me, can I commission a print instead?
A: Yes-ish. When a commission is initiated, you can choose to receive the original, or you can choose to apply the cost toward a set of prints of the image. Print credit will be applied only to prints of the commissioned piece and on one order - but find a few friends who also want the print and it can work!

Q: Where is the painting of "X" base?
A: The only bases in my series are the 17 Marine Corps Designated Bases in the United States. A few people have commissioned additional signs/buildings by providing me with accurate reference photos, and you are welcome to do the same! 

Q: Can you do "X" from the Navy/Army/Air Force/Coast Guard?
A: Sadly, no. I am a licensed Hobbyist with the Marine Corps Trademarking Office, but the other branches do not have a similar program for me to enroll in. Not all "military" images fall under the need to trademark, so if you are interested, contact me with a reference photo and I'll let you know if I can do it or not!

Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing?
A: Yes. For orders of 20 or more, a 20% discount code will be provided.

Q: How do you calculate shipping?
A: It's based on weight so you get the most affordable option. To do this, I now have "in stock" items and then Fine Art America provides all "Print To Order" items. You can't combine orders from the two places, but that's honestly to SAVE you money. Fine Art America has a "portal" on my website so you'll deal directly with FAA, but you'll never leave the site! It allows you to get my artwork on all SORTS of crazy stuff! Their shipping is calculated on their website, but I have found it to be reasonable!

Q: Will you frame or mat prints for me?
A: No. BUT I can provide you links for frames and mats that I love that you can get off Amazon! Personally, I prefer a double, black and white mat board in a black frame. This frame from Timeless Expressions I have personally ordered and really liked it. Good quality, and affordable! I have also personally ordered double mats with a backing board and bag for gifting unframed pieces from Golden State Art. The have lots of options and sometimes their mats are available on prime! Their selections do vary on Amazon frequently, but they're also available directly on their website (often for less!!) Here's a link to their selection of mats/backing/bags!